Well here’s the summary.

Worked too much.

Ate good food.

Traveled everywhere.

Lived out of a suitcase.

Lost someone who meant the world to me.

Felt alone, taken advantage of, misunderstood.

Barraged with inauthenticity.

Lost hope.

Numbed the pain.

Longed for family more than ever.

Reunited with my best friends from high school after 10 years and experienced pure joy.

Found comfort in the ones who matter.

Found appreciation for the simplicity of my beginnings.

Felt more powerful and more helpless than I ever was.

The emotional pain was too much at times.

At one point I felt physical heart ache.

Woke up with chest pain and tears in my eyes every day.

Some cared, but it just wasn’t enough.

I hid from the world.

Numbed the pain more.

Challenged my values.

Let go.

I prayed for all of this when I was a kid.

The message is tattooed onto my body.

I wanted to feel everything.

Even the lowest of low, complete and utter despair.

Because now I can help others better.

I still feel resentment.

And that’s okay.

I learned that it means knowing who to trust.

I’ve grown.

Time eventually heals all.